3. High Pressure Foaming machines

The High Pressure Foaming machines also known as PU Foaming Machines, installed in the PU Sandwich Panels Lines, are designed to dose, thermo-regulate, pressurize, mix, and supply the chemical components on the metal sheet, through the mixing head, for the creation of the polyurethane PUR and PIR foams. FinMach supplies high pressure, multicomponent PU Foaming Machines, all equipped with only primary brands components for the dosing of the materials and their thermal regulation in low and high pressure.

High pressure Air/N2 Nucleators are included in the supply, along with Pentane Metering Units. The Primer Units are supplied with high performing mixing heads, with a proven and guaranteed reliability in mixing, and self-cleaning. The mixing head is provided with air flushing system and mechanical closing of the orifices, to prevent from cleaning agents to be thrown on the metal sheet during the cleaning operations. All above to reduce metal sheets and material wastes and reduce scraped panels (details regarding the mixing head upon request).

Foaming Unit in operation
Multicomponent Foaming Unit

PIR dedicated POL and ADD metering station
ADD and CAT Stations

Pentane dosing cabin
Primer Unit



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