Motivated by passion for Innovation, driven by a tenacious spirit of achieving the highest level of quality and standards in every aspect of our work...

About us FinMach, we supply the insulation industry with:

  • Continuous Sandwich Panels lines
  • Mineral Wool (Stone Wool) production lines
  • Equipment and Machines for existing lines
  • Upgrades (revamping) of existing lines
  • Technological Packages to improve productivity, quality, and production costs.

From planning, designing, manufacturing to installation, commissioning, and Service, in FinMach we are committed to meet the customer’s real needs in a profitable, lean and fast way.

At FinMach, our professional life is dedicated to understanding and satisfying our customer’s expectations through experience, continuous team-up and flexibility.


The success of our customers is a goal for our company.



Ask us questions to understand how we work. Bring us your ideas about your next project and we will drive you forward.