FinMach offers a prompt and efficient after sales service and support, with top-specialized engineers and advanced remote diagnostic procedures, to guarantee Clients anywhere in the world, on a 24/7 basis, an efficient operation of their lines and a top-quality production. FinMach Service Team supports customers through the lifecycle of their plants and equipment, providing a wide range of services that range from spare parts and technological products through to technical assistance, revamps, refurbishment and reconditioning, training, and many other value-added solutions.

FinMach also provides technical and technological supporting services to new investors, who are willing to invest in the insulation field, such as, but not limited to, advanced feasibility studies, orientations on products, production costs comparisons, production methods according to available energy sources.

Furthermore, FinMach offers the Smart MES & Monitor System (Management Execution System) to new lines and to existing lines, that, among other, allows the:

  • Resources Monitoring
  • Production orders management
  • Work Progress (in time, quality, and quantity)
  • Warehouse and Stocks control and updates
  • Product quality control
  • Production Process Control
  • Track & Trace of the materials in process
  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness determination
  • ...and much more

All above to achieve the following benefits:

  • reduction of waste, rework and scrap
  • faster machine and line set-up times
  • accurate information for the calculation of production-costs (work, wastes, downtimes, costs for quality, rejections, etc.)
  • greater operating capacity of the production system
  • reduction of stocks, through the elimination of just-in-case stocks
  • implementation of Paperless Activity Workflows
  • ...and much more


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