3. Spinners - Fiberizing machines

The know how in the Rock Wool Production Process, gained by FinMach over the years in the Rock Wool Production Lines or Stone Wool Production Lines, has been used to develop and optimize spinners - fiberizing machines - design and process to meet the most stringent Rock Wool Material production requirement:

  • 4 spinning wheels
  • Open or closed cooling water circuits on request
  • Direct and not direct drive on request
  • Binder distribution from the center of the wheels, around the wheels and from the bottom of the spinner to enchase binder distribution in the fibers and improve product quality.
  • Calculated G-force and wide range of wheels speed to guarantee a high flexibility in achieving the optimal spinning conditions in function of lava’s chemistry/temperature.
  • Balanced stripping air with no turbulence, for an optimal fiber distribution in the collecting chamber
  • Solid spinners design, balanced spindles, absence of vibrations.

FinMach offers single spinners – single fiberizing machines - with capacities from 1.5 to 8 ton/h of fiber. For higher capacities the twin spinner (twin fiberizing machine) is offered. Spinners – Fiberizing Machines - for special applications have been put into operation, which are designed to produce very thin fibers with an extremely narrow fiber diameter distribution, and low shots content.

Spinner - fiberizing machine - with 4 spinning wheels

Spinner - fiberizing machine - with binder distribution

Spinner - fiberizing machine - in operation

High Performance Spinners - Fiberizing Machines - for Rock Wool Production Lines



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