2. Coke Cupola - Gas Cupola - Electric Melter

Coke Cupola

For the Rock Wool Production Lines or Stone Wool Production Lines, FinMach offers a State-of-the-Art technology for a highly efficient melting process with Coke Cupola, designed to achieve a reduced coke and raw materials consumption and have a high flexibility in raw materials usage:

  • proven design of cupola’s body, with optimized ratio “diameter/height”
  • best combination of number/diameter/inclination of tuyeres, for highly efficient energy input
  • optimized water-cooling system to reduce heat losses and costs for melting
  • balanced Blast Air injection
  • Melting Process Automation, with technological packages to optimize the process itself.

Manufacturing process with the highest quality standards:

  • all materials for the manufacturing are certified (certifications provided)
  • usage of high temperature resistant special steels for the cupola’s body, AISI 321 for the tuyeres, the tuyeres pipes and the Blast Air ring
  • EN-1090 EXC2 Certification for the welding process
  • Inspection of all welded areas with certifications provided
  • Pressure testing before delivery

The client is guaranteed for a low-cost melt production, low maintenance costs, high flexibility in raw material and melting process and long durability of the cupola.

Gas Cupola - Electric Melter

For the supply of Gas Cupola and Electric Melter on duty of Rock Wool Production Lines , FinMach cooperates with qualified Partners, who have sound experience in their respective fields for the supply of basalt stone melters. Details for Gas Cupolas and Electric Melter for Stone Wool Production Plants can be given upon request.

Coke Fired Cupola with Blast Air Ring
Stainless Steel Tuyeres with inspection windows

Pouring Channels with remote positioning
Cupola iron tapping procedure

Melting Automation System

Reliable Melting Furnace Technologies for Stone Wool Production Lines



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