7. Mineral Wool Section

The Mineral Wool Section, for the Continuous Sandwich Panels Lines, is designed to cut and place into the metal sheets the Rock Wool or the Mineral Wool materials, for the production, of fire-resistance or acoustic insulation Sandwich Panels. The mineral wool boards are automatically loaded on conveyors and are cut into trapezoids and lamellae (or so-called strips) by dustless cutting circular disks. Dustless cutting of the boards, is the preferred solution, to reduce at maximum the wasted materials, eliminate unnecessary dust in the working environment of the Mineral Wool Sandwich Panels Line and reduce the costs related to the mandatory mineral wool waste disposal. By using dustless cutting discs, significant saving on the costs of the rock wool materials can be realized (7% of savings on average).

The trapezoids (when roof panels are produced) and the strips (lamellae) are conveyed and positioned onto the lower metal sheet. The strips are guaranteed to be placed inside the facing materials always with a certain misalignment one to each other, so to avoid crosswise discontinuities. Eventual discontinuities, often create visible defects on the facing materials, that usually appear after the panels are positioned for the construction of the industrial buildings, with costly claims to the panels’ producer.

By means of a bicomponent glue metering unit, the adhesive material is spread through a specially designed, self-cleaning mixing head (details regarding the mixing head upon request).

Bi-component glue Metering unit with cross bar

Lamellae dustless cutting machine

Lamellae dustless cutting unit
Lamellae insertion

Mineral Wool Sandwich Panels Production


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